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‘Stormlord Ardan’ Skin Reveal!

‘Stormlord Ardan’ Skin Reveal!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 22, 2015

Ardan’s Tier 1 skin is coming in the next big update! Check out his art and much more.


As the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” What if Ardan joined forces with his bitter rival to track down Catherine? Coming in our next update, discover Stormlord Ardan, the Storm Queen’s most dangerous knight.

NOTE: Skins are a departure from the hero’s official story. They represent a “what if?” the hero had taken a different path in life. For Ardan this skin represents what would happen if he became consumed with avenging his wife’s death … at all costs.



White-uniformed guards melted into shadows without so much as a cry to halt as Ardan stomped toward the queen’s chambers. The door gave way to his armored kick too easily; it hadn’t been bolted.

“I am glad you have come.”

The Storm Queen stood at the far end of the stark white room, a raven perched on her shoulder, drawing a fingertip along a glass case. The room, unlike the rest of her palace, was freezing cold; Ardan’s breath fogged as he took a heavy, cautious step forward. “Because you want to die?”

See the Stormlord Ardan skin in-game during the livestream reveal now! See the Stormlord Ardan skin in-game during the livestream reveal now!

“I want what you want.” The Storm Queen stepped aside in a swirl of obsidian robes, turning her scarred, sightless face toward Ardan, revealing the glass chamber in which the body of Julia laid. “Revenge.”

The raven’s eyes twitched as Ardan’s power fist dropped. He crossed the distance and glared through the glass into his wife’s frozen face. The fingers of his bare hand spread over the glass.

“I did not give the order. Catherine acted on her own,” the queen whispered. “Join me. Punish the deserter who murdered my sister.”

Super Evil storyteller SugarVenom on the  opportunities skins present.

Super Evil storyteller SugarVenom on the         opportunities skins present. THOUGHTS FROM SUPER EVIL STORYTELLER SUGARVENOM

“It’s important to make the distinction between canon hero lore and the sharp turns the stories may take for skins. A skin is a fun opportunity to step outside the Vainglory world and ask, “What if…?” It is a dimension apart, in which other avenues can be explored.

“For Ardan, it was delicious to consider: What if Ardan confronted the Storm Queen and was manipulated by her? What if he became the queen’s knight, her only male guard? Would his thirst for revenge — the pain of his aching loss— be strong enough for him to turn against his daughter and her cause?”